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The first dive

"It is your turn ! You are here floatting on the water and strapped in the buoyancy compensator. The oxybottle on the back you do not feel any weight. In front of you the instructor drain slowly your life jacket. The contracted fingers on the rigging of the buoy which keep your balance, you begin to feel the water on your chin. Your heart beats a little more faster. Your face protected by the masque is now entirely under water. By reflex you hold your breath. You hesitate few seconds and you decide to inhale softly in the pressure regulator. You are surprised because there is no water and the air comes easily ! Now you had the great feeling of your first submarine air so you let yourself confident guided by your monitor. Now all you need to do is to open your eyes and enjoy the incredibles landscapes that offer the submarine life."

The instructor :

Joseph SARKEZI is graduated of the official 2nd degree state diving certificate of the underwater diving. For this reason he trains divers and futures instructors. He also prepares candidates for competitive exams to enter in the professionnal civil or military diving sector. Moreover he is a professionnal diver classe II.B option scientific and ex-diver from national navy army.

In addition to a rich professionnal experience Joseph SARKEZI is well-known such as a excellent instructor. Adults, teenagers or children from 12 years old you will discover the diving in a friendly atmosphere and you will progress safe with apprenticeship adapted to your capacities.

Instructor's advice :

Your first dive have to be an unforgettable moment of your life and also unforgettable by the incredible feelings provided and the beauty of the submarine world. This first dive will maybe be one of your unique experience or will be the beginning of a truly passion for the diving. In any case your instructor will try hard to gather the best conditions for this first immersion namely a reliable equipment, a sunny day, a quiet and warm sea, not so much people on the boat, an appropriate site and a very low deep underwater. In your interest the instructor can cancel the dive if the weather conditions are not adapted. 

Differents levels :

If you want to try the experience you can continue to dive after your first dive. The air diving mode is possible until 60 meters underwater. Obviously differents apprenticeships are necessary. These apprenticeships pass by a progressive acquisition and technicals adapted (according to the deepth). 

Moreover these steps do not have to become a race to get certificates or depth ! Let your body and your mind the necessary time to adapt yourself. On these terms, it is with safety that diving will become for you a way to discover the submarine world and the treasures it contains. 

Administrative papers :

We will ask you to bring a medical certificate (sport medecine) of no counter-argument to the practical of diving (except for the first dive even if it is adviced). Otherwise if you already got a level you can only dive in the prerogative of this level only if you show a written proof to your instructor.

For minor people without the presence on the site of responsible civil a written permission will be previously asked to let him dive.

The area of dive and the organisation :

The getaway to the sea are mainly organised from the Carro Port below the village La Couronne (municipality of Martigues). The meeting place is located on the adress : "Quai du Vent Larg" in front of the pontoon E (4km from Martigues). You can park your car on the quay in front of the pontoon depending on the available parking spot. You can also find a free carpark situated just on the end on the left of the street "Quai du Vent Larg".

Otherwise some escapes are as well planned from the small port des Tamaris (2km from the campsite). It is situated from few minutes on East of your favorite campsite. You can reach it with your car and park next to the meeting point. The carpark is located on the right on the port between the pontoons and the rock dyke.

Days, places and hours will be planned according to your wishes during your stay.

All the necessary equipment will be already here ! You will not handle anything or transportation to do. With help and advices of the instructor you will be equipped before to embark on the boat. The choice of the dive sites is also made with the aim to limit the length of the boat trip.

The rates : (Preferential rates reserved to the guests of the campsite Camping Marius) 

First dive or discovery diving (not including training) : 50 €/ diver
Possibility Training diving (level 1 to level 3) (full equipment and inflation including)
*The number of diving depends on the necessities technicals of the level you are looking for and your knowledges. Your instructor will previously make a personalised expertise with aim to estimate and suggest the training adapted to your profiles. 

You will directly pay the diving to the instructor on the spot by cash or cheque. You will receive a receipt in exchange.

For the training diving with the aim to get a level you need to not forget 12€ for the card delivered by a certified organism. The process with this organism is organised by the instructor. You will receive a card by post directly at home.

For information the instructor take care of the insurance.

Outside activity. For information purposes only. The Marius campsite accept no responsability.

Please do not hesitate to contact him for further informations ! You can contact him directly and anytime : GSM :

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