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Cancellation of camping stay coronavirus How to find a solution?

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Health pass

Digital or paper format


We are delighted to welcome you to our campsite this summer.

To ensure your freedom throughout your holiday, and following recent government announcements, all adults over 18 must present a health pass, once, on arrival at the campsite.

It may be in digital or paper format.


This pass allows you access to all of the campsite’s facilities and activities throughout the duration of your stay.


If you live outside of France:

Non-vaccinated people (fully vaccinated), must present a negative PCR test or antigen test carried out less than 72 hours before departure.

Non-vaccinated people travelling from the United Kingdom, Portugal, Cyprus, Netherlands and Greece, must carry out a test less than 24 hours before departure.


To ensure we all enjoy this summer holiday together, please be careful and continue to carry out preventative measures.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Booking and cancelation conditions

How to book or cancel at Camping Marius?

Opening date from 02 April 2021 to 10 October 2021* to be confirmed connect to Facebook Camping

Marius to be in regular contact and get the latest news.

*Subject to government orders in force

How can I use my credit for my next stay?

Just contact 0033442807029.  Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00 or by e-mail 

Your deposit is valid for one or more bookings, subject to availability at the time of use. 

If you choose a different service at a price higher than the amount of your credit note, you will have to pay the balance due at the time of payment. Otherwise, a new credit note for the difference will be issued.

Covid-19 or coronavirus how will my cancellation be processed?

Our 2020 season has shown us that without a minimum of anticipation everything can fall apart.

Even if the situation was delicate we have been at your side with or without cancellation insurance.

We all noticed that the proposed insurances whatever they are (credit card insurances included) had limits, not to mention the slowness of the files, some of which, despite our reminders, remain unanswered, it seems they will need more time.

We are obliged to offer cancellation insurance even if you are under no obligation to subscribe to it. You can choose to be covered by the insurance of your choice. We strongly advise you not to be seduced by the headlines and to read the general and special terms and conditions carefully.

Our modifiable stay offer

We offer you a modifiable offer which is not a cancellation insurance but which offers a certain flexibility and above all a simple and comprehensible reading. 
ReserveZen "stay can be cancelled up to 15 days or modified up to 8 days before the beginning of the stay. This pack must be subscribed the day of the reservation.
1) Refundable up to 15 days before the beginning of the stay ( 16h) :
   Refunded stay* All causes without justification
2) Can be changed up to 8 days before the beginning of the stay: Postponement of the stay of the same value over the current year according to availability or next season.
3) No refund is possible 7 days before the start of the stay (only 1 possible choice among the 3 proposals, only 1 possible postponement, the value of these packs is neither refundable nor deferrable). Offer valid for any stay booked more than 15 days before arrival).
Fixed price per accommodation for more than 7 days 80€00
Weekends and short breaks - from 7 bears 12€00 per night.
Fixed price per pitch + from 7 nights 40€00 - from 7 days 6€00.
The reservation is effective only after agreement of the campsite, after receipt of the deposit and after receipt either of the reservation contract duly completed and signed, or after acceptance of the general terms of sale when booking online.

All these conditions are likely to be invalidated by new government decrees.
(updated on 25 March 2020, then 14 April 2020, then 27 May 2020, 7 June 2020, 3 December 20202020)

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© Camping Marius
© Camping Marius
© Camping Marius
© Camping Marius
© Camping Marius
© Camping Marius

The well-being, health and safety of our customers, our team and ourselves are of paramount importance to our company. Consequently, we are adapting the recommended procedures resulting from the recommendations of the French High Authority for Health and the Hpa protocol (open-air hotel industry) validated by the French government on 21 June 2020.

This protocol may be modified at any time and without notice according to government regulations.

The following is a summary of preventive measures to minimize risks within the establishment and thus promote the safety and well-being of our clients and work teams.

1) All employees and clients are advised to stay in their accommodation if they have symptoms suggestive of fever, coughing, breathing difficulties, etc. The person with symptoms should contact the 15.

In the event of any suspicion, we must be informed as soon as possible in order to implement the necessary measures. The contact details of the covid referent will be available on site and via the access booklet available for download before your arrival.

2) We promote hand hygiene measures by making the necessary material available to everyone (hydroalcoholic solutions at more than 60%, running water with soap).

3) We strongly encourage at all times a minimum distance of 1 meter between all persons (clients, employees) Wearing a mask is strongly recommended in confined areas, sanitary facilities, reception, grocery shop and restaurant in case of displacement.

a. Installation of physical markers on the floor or walls (lines, stickers, cones or displays to encourage the distance of 1 metre, etc.).
b. Posters are put up to remind guests and staff of the physical distance measures to be respected on arrival at the campsite.
c. The wifi room being too small will not allow to obtain a distance will be condemned.

The bed linen service will not be provided, as our laundry room is not spacious enough to sort the linen according to the protocol imposed for the treatment of linen.
Communication is set up in advance to inform before arrival.

Newsletter, digital welcome booklet, confirmation of stay accompanied by a poster highlighting the barrier gestures to adopt on arrival at the campsite and the simplified "drive" welcome protocol.

4) Arrival and departure of guests

a. Dispensers of hydro-alcoholic solution for hand disinfection, accompanied by posters are available.
b. Distance from the receptionists will be obtained by means of Plexiglas.
Arrival and departure have been considerably simplified, limiting access to the office.
On days of arrival the reception will be at the door with the keys handed over to the client, the stay having been settled before arrival.
On departure, an additional office will be set up outside to collect the keys in an unconfined space.
c. Limit the exchange of tickets and cash.
d. The terminals will be disinfected* each time they are used.

5)Maintenance of accommodation (accommodation units)

A specialised cleaning company will be in charge of the maintenance and cleaning of the chalets.

The staff of this company will work directly in their work clothes and with their equipment and products without having to use any cloakroom, storage or cupboard located at the Marius campsite. The chalets will be opened and closed by a member of our team wearing gloves and masks.

6)The sanitary facilities will be maintained and disinfected by our team. More frequent visits will be introduced.

Guests are politely but insistently invited to use the virucidal products available in each toilet or shower and in the launderette.

7) In case of suspicion of covid19 on the 15th is contacted, a chalet (not occupied during the season) is intended to isolate the person presenting precise signs during the arrival of emergencies.