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/ Our Services Bare pitch, 6 persons maximum
This consists of a bare pitch for your tent, caravan or mobile home.
Your stay shall be calculated based on a set amount that includes the pitch, theperson(s) expected according to the offer selected, your installation, your vehicle andaccess to the infrastructures with regard to reception, activities and sanitary facilities.The additional costs (additional person, vehicle, pets, etc.) are not included in thepackage and will be added to the latter.a - Nature: Pitch for 2 people, 1 mobile home or1 car with a tent or a caravan Comfort: Nature offer + electricity and Privilege: Comfort +BBQ and fridge.
b - Rented Accommodation : Our prices include: the people (according to the capacityof the accommodation), water, gas, electricity, one vehicle, access to the infrastructuresin terms of reception, activities and sanitary facilities.Your accommodation must be putback in order at the time of your departure. Please, treat the ground, water supply,electricity supply, vegetation, other facilities etc. with respect.Your wishes for a precisepitch or accommodation at the campsite can be met according to our availability at thetime of your arrival.
Delivery keys Pitches arrivals any days of the week. Arrival: 1pm and departure: 11 am.
For accommodations, three days possible in high season: Saturday, Monday andWednesday, and any days of the week in low season. Arrival: 4pm and departure:10am. After 10am, we will charge an additional day.If the next customer cannot settleon his pitch because of your delay when you leave, the latter will be compensated forthe amounts incurred for his re-renting, all these costs will remain at your expenseand Camping Marius will not be held responsible. Your accommodation must be leftclean and in good condition.Related Activities All the activities mentioned in thisdocument, whether free or for a fee, may be in certain circumstances independent ofour will modified or cancelled when you arrive at the campsite. In this case, we cannotbe held responsible for such an occurrence.Extra charges Whatever the packageselected, additional costs will be invoiced for additional people, visitors… Our prices,tax shall be invoiced along with your accommodation. It is to be paid on the same duedates. It cannot be modified or refunded on your arrival at the campsite. And for othercharges, they are to be paid along with the balance of your stay (30 days before yourarrival at the campsite). Local tax: 0.61cts per night and person over 18, rates can besubject to change without notice.
/ Payment for the Stay Modes of payment accepted:As a deposit or balance, you can pay for your booking or your stay using the followingpayment methods: by French bank cheque or postal cheque, credit card, postal order orcash order. Possibility to pay your balance in 3 times (excluding deposit)Terms ofPayment : All requests for a firm booking from the buyer must be indicated in writingand be provided with the following: • Payment of a deposit including 25%of the costsof the stay • Booking fees are offer • And the payment for cancellation insurance Thisbooking is only of contractual value when the buyer has received a bookingconfirmation issued by the campsite.The balance of the stay must be paid 30 daysbefore the stay begins at the latest. In the case where the balance has not been paid onthe deadlines indicated, the booking shall be considered as cancelled.
In the event thatthe balance is not paid within the time limit indicated, it is considered cancelled andour cancellation conditions described below apply. In accordance with the provisions ofarticle L.221-28 of the Consumer Code, the customer is informed that he has no rightof withdrawal.
/ Last minute booking Any booking made within a period of 30 daysbefore the date of departure must be paid in full, using a bank card only.
/ Late arrivalor early departureIn case of a late arrival or early departure, with respect to the datesmentioned on your booking voucher, the total amount of the stay shall remain due. Youshall not be entitled to claim any refund for the part of the stay not actually used.
/ Noarrival at the campsite
In the case where no one comes to the campsite within a period of 24 hours from thebeginning of your stay, and without any proof and/or news of your arrival, we shall beable to reallocate your accommodation. We shall keep the fees as per our cancellationterms.
/ Cancellation Due to the buyer:
All cancellations must be notified by post, which shall go into effect on the date ofreceipt of the letter:
• More than 30 days before arrival, the amount of the deposit shall be kept by thecampsite.

Less than 30 days before your arrival, the total amount of the rented accommodation,booking fees and insurance fee shall be kept.
6 b
/Check your civil liability before your departure; it will be necessary in the event ofpossible damage.
We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance for your holiday

Neat camping insurance simple and quick reimbursement in 48 hours
• Cancellation without reason without proof.
100% with proof or 70% without proof
-Rental damage
You are covered in the event of damage to the accommodation*
• Interruption of stays and/or late arrival
which forces you to leave earlier and/or forces you to arrive a few days later
-Replacement rental vehicle
In the event of a breakdown or accident during your stay
• Veterinary costs Repatriation, teleconsultation during your stay
• Forgetting an object
Responsibility for returning an item if you forget an item during your stay
• Travel modification...
Find the general insurance conditions
on or on simple request.
What to do in the event of cancellation or interruption of your stay if you areinsured with Neat?
• 1 NOTIFY your campsite of the cancellation or interruption of your stay
• 2 DECLARE your cancellation or interruption

Send an email to
Insurance: It is up to the customer to take out insurance, the campsite declining allliability in the event of theft, fire, bad weather, natural disasters, as well as in the eventof an accident falling under the customer's civil liability. The customer accepts thelocation as is (trees, plantations, vegetation, etc.), in the event of a dispute or dispute,the Commercial Court of Aix en Provence will have sole jurisdiction. To obtain possiblecompensation in the event of cancellation or interruption of your stay, we invite you totake out cancellation or interruption of stay insurance with Neat or the service providerof your choice.
6c/Cancellation due to the campsite except in case of force majeure, the sums paid forthe reservation will be fully refunded. However, this cancellation will not give rise to thepayment of damages.
/ Lost, stolen and damages Camping Marius declines any responsibility in case of lost,theft, fire or degradation on personal effects, or for any other reason concerning the civilresponsibility.
Civil liability insurance is mandatory
/Deposit For rented accommodation, a security deposit of 300 euros (including 80 € or95€ for cleaning and 80 € for linen provided and 140 € for any other compensation) willbe required on your arrival, which will be returned to you at the end of your stay and atthe latest within eight days by post from the date of your departure.. For the pitches 20€ for the magnetic key, 20 € for the European adapter and 100 € for the privilegepitches. 150 € per bike and 300 € per canoe. The campsite reserves the right to keeppart or the whole amount in case of damage to the accommodation and its contentsand/or equipment on the campsite, to deduct the amounts necessary for cleaning if thishas not been carried out correctly at the time of departure.If departure occurs outsidereception opening hours, the accommodation will be checked later and the depositdestroyed.
he customer is informed and accepts that in the event of costs exceeding therequested deposit, additional compensation will be charged and your certificate ofliability will be requested.
/ Minors Minors not accompanied by their parents or guardians are not accepted.For safety easons, ball games; bicycles; etc.... are forbidden in the campsite. Childrenare under parent’s responsibility. Children under 2 years old are free of charge
/ Pets As a general rule, dogs, except for dogs of category 1 and 2, shall beadmitted to the campsites. We require dogs to be kept on a lead within thecampsites. Please comply with the rules for hygiene and the environment. The healthcertificate must be presented at the time of your arrival at the campsite. Anti-rabiesbooster vaccinations and tattoo certificates are compulsory. If these elements are notpresented, the entry of the animal is refused.
/ Complaints Any possible complaint following a stay must be made in writing,and sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within 20 daysfollowing your stay, indicating: the date of stay, the type of stay, the amount paid andthe method of payment as well as the reason for the complaint. Failing this, nocomplaint will be accepted or processed. After referring the matter to themanagement and in the absence of a satisfactory response or in the absence of aresponse within 60 days, the customer may refer the matter free of charge to theTourism and Travel Mediator, whose contact details and methods of referral areavailable on his site:
/ Prices* , VAT*, Local tax* 0.61€ per day and per person over 18 years old. Pricesare subject to change without notice.* Prices are quoted in Euros, including VAT atthe rate in force on the day of booking. Any change in the rate or tourist tax on thedate of invoicing may be passed on to our rates, which the Customer acknowledgesand accepts.
/ Website
Subject to change without notice. Publications are for informationpurposes only and are in no way contractual.
/ The right of publicity Clients permits camping Marius to use and air freely theirimage for the commercial exploitation. If you do not want to be filmed orphotographed, we ask you to inform Camping Marius.
/ Stay Failure to comply with all the conditions laid down for the stay may resultin the client being refused entry or excluded without compensation. The client isresponsible for any disturbances and nuisances caused by accompanying persons,visitors and pets, if any.
/ /Security. All measures must be taken to avoid causing a fire, be vigilant! suchas charcoal barbecue, candles and connection of electric vehicles strictly prohibitedon the pitches. Use the charging stations provided for this purpose
/Protection of personnel data
The Marius campsite uses personal data processing in order to enable it to ensurethe management, invoicing and follow-up of its customers' files as well ascommercial protection. In accordance with the law on data processing and freedom,the customer has a right of access, query, modification, deletion, oblivion, portabilityof information concerning him/her to be exercised with the campsite Marius by e-mail: or by post. This request must be accompanied byproof of identity. The customer agrees that his data may be used by the campsite forcommercial and marketing purposes and in particular to keep him informed ofpromotional and commercial offers.
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